Our Solution

Our Solution to Paying Less Tax


Your taxes are reviewed during an analysis session. During this session we will determine if you are missing opportunities for legal tax savings. If we can save you significantly on your taxes, we will develop a comprehensive tax savings plan using only the legal and bonafide tax strategies.

Your Proactive Tax Plan is customized to your unique business and personal situation. It provides the strategy you need to reduce your taxes legally, without raising “red flags” or using abusive schemes or strategies.

Although we can’t legally guarantee specific dollar savings, many of our clients enjoy saving much more in taxes than our fees.

Why Do You Need Business Tax Maintenance?

A good tax strategy is always evolving. It is because the Tax laws change, rules change, and tax prevention strategies have to be changed accordingly.

As a matter of policy the government some times creates incentives for doing certain things. While at other times the previous incentives either expire or are just closed as part of the overall government tax policy.

When the new tax laws come in, they shut down certain doors and open new ones. Hence a need to stay vigilant and all the time aware of what works and what does not work any longer.

Would you agree that your own individual situation also changes over time? So what works today would it still be the best tomorrow?

Your Tax Maintenance plan will allow us to update your Proactive Tax Strategy and continue coaching you on the best tax reduction options applicable to you. This service is designed to work with your Proactive Tax Strategy.

With this service, you will get:

  • year-round access to your tax coach,
  • a year-end planning session to review your taxes and verify the need for implementing different or more strategies,
  • preparation of your business & personal income tax returns,
  • other tax compliance filings as needed (payroll reports, vendor 1099’s, etc.)
  • other customized services as needed.