Is your tax preparer telling you that there is nothing more that he can do? So gross income minus expenses = Profits

and you pay taxes on these profits? If so, and you are happy then just pay the bill. However in case, you feel being pricked and it is hurting too much and possibly loosing your sleep on it then just call us.

Is it ok, if we make the new equation as follows:

gross income minus expenses minus tax plans = New Profits

and you pay taxes on the new profits?

Looking for Symptoms ...

Which of the following applies to you?

* Have your tax preparer / accountant told you that this is the tax that you will have to pay..... and that he / she has done all possible things that one can think of.... so there is nothing more to do.... so now pay this amount of tax?

* Do you have a feeling of possibly overpaying your taxes last year? Does it seems like hurting?

* Are you finding it difficult communicating with your current accountant or is it taking too much of time or you are not sure if he / she is taking proactive steps to minimize your tax bill?

* Have your tax returns been submitted late or with any inaccuracies or you feel not enough is being done?

* Is your tax return an "audit magnet"?

* Do you have any "red flags" on your returns -- putting you at high risk for an IRS audit?

* Has your tax pro advised you of what can go wrong upon retirement and the retirement time bomb?

* If you answered "yes"or "I'm not sure" to any of these questions ... then it becomes a judgement call....

* What does your sixth sense tells you.... is it ok to keep doing the same thing and keep having same results of loosing time & money


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