Are you a baby boomer getting closer to retirement?

Are you a baby boomer or getting there?

  • Which of the following adds up for you:

Required Minimum Distributions + Social Security + Pension + Annuities + Rental Income + Interest + Dividends + Income from Job or business and more?

Are you aware of the retirement time bomb? (Taken any steps to diffuse its effects?).

  • Have any steps been taken to reduce or minimize your taxes upon retirement?

What is the most riskiest aspect of your financial life after age 60? Done some thing yet?

What is the number 1 reason people file bankruptcy in USA? Done some thing yet?

Are you aware of the number 1 goal for any one getting past the age of 60? Done some thing yet?

Is your Social Security being taxed? (Yes 50% of it and in some cases 85% of Social Security Income is regarded as taxable income by uncle SAM)!!!

So do you want a way not only to reduce or minimize paying taxes on Social Security but also want to do some thing similar as described below:

Need a legal way to get 32% more social security for the rest of your life?

  • Are you aware that upon retirement your tax rate may even be higher?
  • and all the deferred investments going to be taxed at a rather higher rates?
  • Need help deciding which medicare plan is best for you?
  • Want to know how to qualify for medicaid?