We teach seminars!

Those who attend seminars conducted by Midwest Tax Planner & its associates are always enthusiastic in thanking for the easy to understand presentation. It teaches them in a simplified way as to how they can pay less tax legally.

The purpose of these seminars is educating the audience with a positive spirit about the current tax law, and the business owners to handle their business's finances in an appropriate manner.

Our approach is simple and informative. It helps business owners to visualize as to what can go wrong or mistakes made by others.

Would it help if you are taught the top 10 mistakes that cause business owners to loose hundreds & thousands of dollars (so you don't have to)?

With this understanding the business owners are able to comprehend the root causes for over paying of taxes or penalties.

Our unique way of presentation enables the business owners ample of information to take home. Hence one can stay abreast with the new changes in tax law that affect most similar businesses.

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