Tax planning in Kansas

What is tax planning?every one is doing work and everyone has some skill to earn his livelihood.If this earning is good enough and this earning comes in Tax net.Then,that person has to make the financial statement.How much he is earning and what is his expense.Financial statements are according to them.There is no rocket science in making the financial statements.Financial statements are the representation of actual earning in every day life.It is very easy because every one has to pay the tax to the state.We are living in the state and state provide us the opprotunity to grow.It is our responsibility to pay taxes to the state.We should be loyal to the state as much as we are loyal to ourselves.We should have fair dealing with the state.Every American should be loyal to his country and every one should comes in the tax net.State is providing us the facilities of health,education and other old age benefits.So we should also play role to work for the development of the state in a constructive manner.If we pay our right tax then state can run in a smooth way and its functions can run in a constructive way.