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Your success begins with tax & financial education delivered by a competent mentor - tax coach. How do you imagine yourself taking leaps when you have a big heavy leaky bucket through which income taxes are being over paid. Assume you are in a 25% aggregate tax bracket. So this means that for every dollar that you earn 1/4th goes to uncle sam in taxes.

Pretty soon, when you start to earn more then more money starts to leak at the bottom of the bucket. 39.6% being the highest federal tax bracket. In midwest USA the state taxes are usually 6%. On top of that if you live in the metropolitan area of Kansas City, then city has 1% tax as well. If you add all this together you will see that pretty much half of your earnings ie. 50% is going in taxes.

The question remains .... is that going to be the situation for ever?

So is the only way out to pay less taxes is to earn less?

Is this the best strategy?

We at Multi Services (Midwest Tax Coach) take pride in using court tested cases (to be used as a precedence) in planning the tax strategies for our clients.

So would it help you, if you can legally minimize your taxes & build your wealth without exposing yourself to more risk?

Would you be interested in teaming up with a committed tax pro to helping you create a proactive tax plan, then coach you through the process to make that plan a reality?

Proactive well in time Tax planning is "the key" to beating the tax game — legally.

Upward Spiral Coaching is done with the business owners and is for the one that is ready to learn & receive the secret path to next level of success. These are private sessions. Usually 1.5 to 2.0 hours each via video conferencing.

These sessions are meant to create new insights to problem solving, help you handle complex decision making, by increasing the accountability and become more valuable to your customers thereby earning more respect, brand recognition & more income for you.