International Tax Services

International Tax Services

Are you a US Citizen living abroad? or Are you a US Citizens with Foreign Income or Assets?

The US government requires that you file your tax return each and every year no matter where you live. It does not matter if you earned it in another country or in a different currency. Due to recent changes in the tax laws, it has become mandatory to report your world wide income and any kind of investments or bank accounts that you may have either personal or joint or business or any other.

So for example if you are a US Citizen and have a foreign pension or a house that you have inherited from your parents in Europe or Africa or Asia or India / Pakistan / Bangladesh / Philipines etc then be aware of some thing called FATCA and FBAR.

Let us know and we can help you to comply with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR).

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Are you an international entrepreneurs investing in the United States or are you a Resident Alien or Foreign Resident / National?

The USA tax law is one of the most complex tax law you will ever come across. There are numerous types of taxes to include but not limited to: income tax, sales tax, import / export / excise tax, state tax, local jurisdiction / city / county tax, property tax to name a few. Even the Income tax is imposed with numerous names and purposes eg FICA tax, FUTA Tax, SUTA Tax, Witholding Tax, Social Security Tax, Medicare Tax to name a few....

It is critical for you to get connected with the right kind of tax office that has the requisite expertise and understanding of international tax treaties. No matter which country your are from we can always access those tax treaties and find legal and bona-fide loopholes in the tax law to your best advantage.

For the non US citizen who have income or investments in the United States, you may face special tax situations. There are 30% withholding taxes for certain types of income such as interest, dividends or rental income from real estate. We can help you comply with US tax and accounting requirements and provide planning to help you reduce your tax and compliance burdens.