Is Health Insurance costing way too much?

If you own a business then the root cause to your high insurance premiums is your tax return.

Yes! Sadly speaking .... that is where the numbers are coming from and causing you to pay higher health insurance premiums....

Solution: Although we are licensed in insurance, nevertheless the solution lies in getting together with your tax pro and asking them meaningful questions to apply the new ACA (Obamacare Law) to its optimum legal benefit and to your best advantage in a bonafide manner.

*** Essentially what you need is an expert who knows the tax laws as well as the insurance laws.... The tax expert is required to apply the tax laws and use the tax planning advanced strategies to cut down your taxes and thereby enable your insurance agent to get you a low cost affordable health insurance.

Since we know the both (and are also licensed in insurance), so we will be happy to review your past tax returns & point you in the right direction!

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